About our cattery

It was my fascination of mediterranean archeology, what have made me given to my cattery the name of the queen Teutta, also known as the Balkan Cleopatra.
My adventure with British Shorthair Cats began in 2004...
My own family had dogs through the generations and I have known about them everything. Well, almost everything.
Still I have been dreaming about calmness, which only a cat can give. Its murmuring was to me something fascinating.
I have thought that if I am going to have a cat, then only a British Shorthair one. Two, for the best.
And just like that, my first two British Shorthair females have appeared in my life. The blue one- Christina Muezzi *PL and the lilac one Babette Lilac Muezzi*PL. Next was Debonair Tayfun- a British Shorthair blue male.
I have made my contacts with breeders, visited some cat shows. Such was the beginning of my own cattery.

Our cats live with us. I consider them a part of my family.

I want cats from my cattery to be typical representatives of their breed. And most of all, I want them to make their new owners' lifes as happy as they make mine.

British cats have a wonderful character: they are quiet, mild and prefer to stay on the ground. They enjoy playing, but are very dignified. Their teddy bear's look makes all people love them from the first sight.

Our cattery is registered in FIFE.
Our cats are under constant control of vet, tasts: FELV, FIV, PKD with a negative results.